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april . 22 . 2016

Increasing number of international students in Canada:

Students from more than 100 countries have chosen Canada for their education. For more than three decades, Canada has welcomed students from around the world and established the country's education worth as a top choice for international students all over the globe. Students come to Canada from all continents, countries and cultures.

april . 22 . 2016


Wondering if it a good time to be looking for jobs in New Zealand? Absolutely! Especially if you have the right skills and the right amount of spark in you. Among all the countries globally, New Zealand was less affected by the global financial crisis and employment has been gathering momentum, specifically in the last three to four years. However, while employment conditions are expected to remain firm, the Government predicts the growth rate could possibly decline for the next three years to 2018. More detail is in the Job Market Overview below.